Schoolbelt Solution #3 - 3 Reasons to LOSE the LANYARD!

The lanyard once seemed an essential part of every school employee's workday. Unfortunately, it's not the most professional, comfortable, or convenient way of accessing keys, a whistle, ID badge or even a laser pointer. The Schoolbelt premium utility apron has a solution for all of these issues.

REASON # 1: Save your BACK!

Tired of bending over to open doors or gates? 


REASON # 2: Unprofessional Accessory

Does your neck lanyard take away from the professional appearance of your shirt/tie, dress or blouse? Is the color all wrong for your stylish outfit? Is it an accessory that you DON'T want to highlight? There's a time and a place for mismatch fashion, and the lanyard doesn't cut it.



REASON # 3: Pesky Pendulum

Is your lanyard weighing on your neck? Does it get in the way of teaching, or hit students in the head when you lean forward to help them? My days of flipping that pesky pendulum over my shoulder are over! Besides, a "choker" has never been my favorite accessory. There are plenty of other necklaces that I'd rather be wearing to work!


The Schoolbelt's retractable key carabiner is a smart solution to all of these issues. Best of all, it can be removed, clipped on either side (left or right handed), or even flipped inside the belt when not in use!