• Is the Schoolbelt and related products just for teachers and school employees?   
    Customers from a wide range of professions use the Schoolbelt to have their hands free on the job. Based on reviews and feedback, the Schoolbelt is being used by Nurses, waitresses, warehouse workers, amusement park workers, stadium workers, event planners, retail workers, daycare providers, yard sale workers, and even stay-at-home moms! 
    • Are the add-ons products make specifically for the Schoolbelt?      
    The add-on companions that are available on our site are highly requested items that connect or fit within the belt. They are optional, but provide additional storage and organizational options depending on your work needs. They are made by other venders, but sold on our site for convenient shopping.

    • Is the Schoolbelt designed for women and men?                                       

      The neutral colors and adjustable waist make the Schoolbelt a perfect option for anyone.

        Sizing & Color Options

        • Does the Schoolbelt come in more than 1 size?                                     

        Yes. There is one option on the product page for a larger waist size ) up to 50". 

        • Does the Schoolbelt come in other colors? 
        At this time, the Schoolbelt is manufactured in black. We are currently working on adding other color options, but they are not available yet. 

          Bulk Order Discounts

          • Are discount s available for high quantity orders?                                     
          For high bulk orders (schools, districts, restaurants, businesses) please call or email us with your specific number and we will get you a quote.