Schoolbelt Story

 Our mission at Schoolbelt is to provide school employees with a premium accessory that improves the quality and efficiency of their workday.

Hello! I'm Connie Valencia - a Kindergarten Teacher from Hemet, California. Like other passionate individuals who teach, serve and inspire our youth, school is my second home. What I’ve realized over the past 26 years in the classroom is the importance of connecting with students, and motivating them to be lifelong learners. When we impact the future, every minute counts!

The Light at the End of a Tunnel

Life altering events can often impact our destiny in unexpected ways. Prior to March of 2020, the idea of entrepreneurship was hardly a thought for a teacher and busy mother of four. When the COVID 19 pandemic closed schools in March, my world was turned upside down, and like most educators, I had a difficult time dealing with the separation from my students and the sudden halt of classroom teaching. Transitioning from an outgoing, productive lifestyle to social distancing at home was an emotional struggle, and I needed an outlet with a purpose. I decided to focus my time and energy on brighter days ahead, and the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. I made the decision to pour my energy into a product invention that was always in the back of my racing mind - one that could positively impact my workday and students upon returning to the classroom. 

The Problem 

Over two decades of teaching has shown me just how much educators and school employees juggle throughout their busy work days, while striving to remain effective, engaging, and prepared. 

Have you ever...

  • lost valuable instructional time or student engagement while stopping to look for something?
  • lacked pockets to carry your essentials when moving about the building, playground or campus?
  • needed office passes, supplies, teaching tools, reinforcers, communication devices, and personal items on hand throughout your mobile workday? (moving about the campus, building, playground, parking lot or classroom)
  • found your neck lanyard to be a nuisance when leaning over to open doors or work with students?


      The Schoolbelt Solution

      With these issues at hand, I realized that a heavy duty apron with a belt clip was the most practical and professional storage solution to having a more productive workday. I tried a variety of tool belts, aprons, and fanny packs on the market, but they were either too heavy, bulky, flimsy, or impractical for school. 

      Late night sketches, sloppy sewing, the cycle of trial and error, honest feedback from school workers, and the assistance of my brother Tony, a talented upholsterer, brought the first Schoolbelt prototype to life. 

      Friends and family who work in schools and other hands-on jobs expressed their need for this convenient organizer that would improve the quality of their workday. Their enthusiastic feedback encouraged me to bring the Schoolbelt to market. 

      During a period of darkness and uncertainty, God opened a window of time and opportunity for reflection and this invention. I am truly grateful and hope that the Schoolbelt will make a positive impact on the lives of school employees and their students.

        Unprecedented Times   

        Following a global pandemic and the closure of schools, we have some challenges and much ground to make up. Our time with students is precious and critical. The Schoolbelt is committed to supporting our dedicated school staff on this journey back to school.

        Proudly Manufactured in the USA! / Family Owned & Operated

        The Schoolbelt's unique design is Patent Pending and Manufactured in the USA.

        From Cincinnati, Ohio to Hemet, California, each Schoolbelt is quality-crafted, inspected, packaged and shipped to you.

        *King Bag Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati OH.           *Schoolbelt Co., Hemet, CA