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Our mission is to provide you with a premium accessory that improves the quality and efficiency of your workday.

The Schoolbelt was created by veteran teacher of with the needs of teachers and school employees in mind. It is the premium accessory for ANY WORKER who needs supplies within reach.

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What's In Your SCHOOLBELT?


Schoolbelt Accessories

"Bells & Whistles"

Schoolbelt's Bells & Whistles are highly requested items that compliment and coordinate with the Schoolbelt to enhance your workday. Click on our product page for your one-stop shopping solution for your ideal work accessories.

Who Rocks the Schoolbelt?

TEACHERS aren't the only ones filling their Schoolbelt! It's ideal for WAITERS, RETAIL WORKERS, and ANY MOBILE PROFESSION.

Someone's Superhero

Congratulations to our April/2021 Schoolbelt Superhero: DONA ALVIAR! (SDC Standiford El - pictured on the left with Jackson) Do you know a school employee who goes the extra mile to impact the lives of others? Click the link below to nominate them for our "Schoolbelt Superhero" award. We look forward to featuring an inspirational educator each month on our social media page, and sending them a special gift!

Nominate Your Superhero!

"I love my new Schoolbelt! It is good quality and sits nicely around my waist. I've struggled for so long to have essentials with me, like my CB radio or something to write on, especially when I wore clothing with no pockets. Now I can have those things with me throughout the school day in my Schoolbelt!"

Darlene - Kinder Teacher

The retractable key ring is my favorite feature. My lanyard would always get in the way when I leaned over to help my students. Now my keys, whistle and laser pointer all pull from my Schoolbelt. Best of all, no more bending over to open my classroom door!

Dave - 10th Grade Science

The students always look forward to seeing the message in my front window pocket each morning. Whether it's an emoji, a quote, or wishing a team good luck, it's a great way to connect and help to brighten their day.

Marley - Supervision / Crossing Guard

Using the Schoolbelt allows me to carry more and do what is necessary for our students. I need my hands free without the interference of a lanyard to push students in wheelchairs, load and unload them from the bus, and assist with changing and feeding. Thank you for this great tool!

Sheila - Instructional Aide Severely Handicapped

The Schoolbelt is sturdy, comfortable and saves me many trips back to the kitchen. The pockets, pouch and snap loop are perfect for my straws, notebook, pen, spray bottle and rag, Best of all...I will never tie apron straps again!

Gabriel - Waiter

The "Window of Opportunity"

Teachers and other Employees have found creative ways to use the Schoolbelt's front transparent pocket to personalize, inform and inspire!

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