SCHOOLBELT Solution: Educator's Arsenal - What's Within Your Reach?

What's in Your SCHOOLBELT?

As a veteran teacher of 26 years, I can share first hand just how much educators and school employees juggle throughout their busy workday. When roaming about classroom, office, building, playground, parking lot or campus, communication and supplies are key to doing our job effectively. Having essentials within reach is a practical game-changer and time saver.

We've compiled a list of over 50 items that school employees reported as their TOP ESSENTIALS to have within their reach throughout their busy workday. The items that you carry will be based on your work location, job duties and personal preferences. The extensive and beneficial list of possibilities is grouped into 6 categories. 

Which of the following items would you pack in your SCHOOLBELT - teacher tool belt? 


Office & School Supplies

pen - pencil -  marker - highlighter - compass - protractor - tape - glue - scissors
  paper clips - notepad - sticky notes - white out- hole punch - staple remover  - pointer - math manipulatives - 


Outdoor / PE / Coach / Supevision

hat - whistle - bandaids - tissue - chapstick - sunscreen - sun glasses - water bottle - first aid kit - deodorant - flashlight 


Communication / Technology

cell phone - two-way radio - laser pointer - remote - 
earbuds - headphones - flash light - charging cord


Personal Supplies / Health

keys, ID badge, wallet - money - glasses - make-up - lotion - feminine products - mirror - medication - nail file - comb - floss  - tissue - sunscreen - deodorant


Snacks / Drinks

water - coffee flask - gum - mints  - snacks - candy

Office Passes / Student Rewards / Notes

stickers - stamps - scholar dollars - raffle tickets - small treats - lunch cards-
computer login cards - office passes- small clipboard - referrals - flash cards

Safety / Sanitizing

gloves - mask - hand sanitizer - wipes - cleaner - cloth


Did we miss anything? Thank you to all of the teachers and school workers who shared their top essentials with us so that we can continue to support school staff and improve our products and accessories.

Our mission is to provide educators with a premium accessory to improve the efficiency of their workday.